Holiday Weight Loss Challenge

What Was Your Number One Health Goal This Year? Did You Achieve it?

There’s nothing that fulfills me more than helping others become aware and achieve their health and weight loss goals!

It is vital for those seeking to make a change in their lifestyle to realize that the right combination of correct information, energy, and dedication to a goal is the only way to completely achieve it!

Outlining why and what exactly it is you wish to achieve (and doing something as simple as writing it down) results in a more successful health and weight loss journey.

In terms of the whole ‘New Year, New You’ trends that always appear at this time of year, I’m asking you instead to turn your attention back to right now and ask yourself what can you do to be healthier TODAY?

These are the tools you will learn during this challenge.
-You will enter into the New Year with more energy.
-You will gain the motivation to continue and maintain this lifestyle.
-Your holiday season will be filled with health, happiness, and the energy to live your life to the best of your potential!

Our program has helped countless people discover the healthy lifestyle that most suits them, and now it’s your turn to experience this as well.

Take A Look At The Finer Details...

Whether you’re hoping to tone up in time for the holidays, maintain your balance and wellbeing over the festive period, or simply looking for an achievable new year’s resolution, this program can be tailored to suit you.

We focus on cultivating lasting habits and lifestyle changes, providing motivation, inspiration, and guidance along the way!

All participants will weigh in every Friday using their own scale. It is your responsibility to send a picture of yourself before the program begins and after each weigh-in so that we can make sure you are on track. (Feel free to use Facebook messenger or text.)

There is a $25.00 fee to participate in my Holiday Weight Loss Challenge and all money will be paid to winners in 2 categories:

1 - % Body Weight Lost
2 - Best Transformation

This is your chance to TRANSFORM and it will be my absolute honor to guide you every step of the way. You are NOT alone on this journey - we will achieve success together!

Hosted by:

Brian Peel

Are You Ready to TRANSFORM?