Weight Loss Challenge

What Is Your Weight Loss Goal?

There is nothing that I enjoy more than helping people reach and sustain their WEIGHT LOSS goals!

This accomplishment creates a new sense of energy in their lives.
This success provides new opportunities.
This breakthrough is the ultimate satisfaction for someone who wants it badly.

I will be launching a Weight Loss Challenge on Monday, September 11th which is 6 Weeks to a New You!

These challenges are extremely successful as with our healthy habits, proven system, and an accountability group, your results are nearly guaranteed.

You might be afraid.
You might be skeptical.
You might be extremely excited.

Regardless of your emotion, please jump in, believe in yourself, and follow the program.

Our program has helped millions of people live the life of their dreams and now it’s your turn to experience this as well.

Here Are The Specifics…

This is an online challenge with a focus on habit and lifestyle changes. We will provide you with weekly coaching, scheduled weigh-ins, an abundance of motivation and constant education on losing weight and feeling great!

All participants will weigh in every Friday using their own scale. It is your responsibility to send a picture of yourself before the program begins and after each weigh-in so that we can make sure you are on track. (Feel free to use Facebook messenger or text.)

There is a $25-$35 fee to participate in Weight Loss Challenge and all money will be paid to winners in 2 categories…

1 - % Body Weight Lost
2 - Best Transformation

This is your chance to TRANSFORM and it will be my absolute honor to guide you every step of the way. You are NOT alone on this journey - we will achieve success together!

Wellness Coach

Brian Peel

Are You Ready to TRANSFORM?